DIY Craft: Child’s Personalized Library Sign

When I found out that my best friend was expecting, I wanted to create something cute for her nursery. Lia has a love of literature, and I know it’s a love that will pass on to her daughter, Clare. So with my dad’s help (aka, his CNC machine) and my photoshop skills, I created a personalized child’s library sign for Clare Bear.

customized child's library sign DIY

I used a piece of plywood from the local hardware store, and after it was carved, I used a combination of paint and sharpies to color it. (There was no way I was hand-painting those letters). Clare’s nursery has bright coral walls with navy and gold accents, hence the color combination. But I liked the way it looked in my office against my turquoise walls, too. 🙂

customized child library sign personalized

Eek, maybe not the best job, but it works.

child's library nursery

For part of the gift, I bought some traditional nursery rhyme books. Then because Lia is nothing if not practical, I bought boob creme and bottles, ha. Can’t have fun all the time!! But the sign is hanging proudly over Clare’s own little library of books in her room, and I can’t wait until she’s grown enough to read!


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