Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July, y’all! This is a quickie post because it’s almost time for fireworks 😀

We had a cookout today, and I also made a red, white, and blue vanilla berry bundt cake to celebrate the holiday. The glaze totally didn’t hold up, but it was tasty anyway, so I didn’t care. We also had Carolina BBQ chicken, corn pudding, and southern-style baked beans. And I have got to make some room for s’mores. Ughh. So full. (The Bud Light Razberrita probably didn’t help — I normally wouldn’t be caught dead with Bud Light but these babies are soooo good. Also, almost 30-year-old bodies don’t bounce back quite the way 23-year-old bodies do. Lesson learned).

Hope everyone is having a fun and safe 4th! Don’t blow your fingers off, don’t drink and drive, and don’t step on a hot sparkler in your bare feet that some kid left in your yard.

July 4th Picnic Food - Carolina BBQ chicken, southern baked beans, and corn pudding.

Berry Vanilla Bundt Cake, 4th of July Cake

Berry Vanilla Bundt Cake, 4th of July Cake

Backyard lights and sparklers | Sweet As a Peach



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