Small Bathroom Makeover – Planning, Part 1

Oh boy. Here goes. We are officially planning on redoing both of our bathrooms this summer/fall,  two projects we’ve been wanting to do since we bought our house in 2011. I’m not sure we’re ready but we kinda can’t wait any longer – I think the upstairs tub might come crashing through the kitchen any day now.

We have a converted porch in our house – which makes for a really cool sunroom/home office/craft room for me – and within that converted porch is a full bathroom. I’m not sure how they squeezed it in, and believe me, it’s tiny, but it’s there. We think that as the previous owner of our home aged, they decided to have a full bath/bedroom on the first floor, so they didn’t have to travel up and down the steps. It’s convenient for that, if not a little awkward otherwise. No one is going to shower downstairs and be naked right next to the living, where anyone can see, haha.

The downstairs bath has a full walk-in shower, sink, and commode. There’s lovely peachy-pink tile (that’s sarcasm for you, folks) circa the 1970s, and zero storage. But the tile is in pretty great shape, so it stays. I’m embracing the pink bathroom tile!

Redoing the upstairs bath is what is pushing us to redo the downstairs. We aren’t going to gut anything downstairs, but not having  our normal bathroom for months means that we need to make the downstairs bath functional.

And while we’re at it, we may as well make it pretty, right?

I’ve been searching online for months for ideas on what to do with peachy-pink tile, and then one magical day, I came across this paper on Etsy:

Beautiful paper by Khristian A. Howell, found on Etsy.

The pink blush tones in this paper match the tile exactly, by bringing out the variations in the stone. Instantly, I knew I wanted a glamorous, feminine, vintage, funky, navy bathroom. I plan on framing these large sheets and hanging them on the walls in the bath to bring everything back to square one.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of bathrooms out there that have this color palette! So I’ve been saving what I can find and I think I’m happy with the general idea:

Navy and Blush Bathroom Remodel Inspiration Board | Life Is Sweet As A Peach

Links to posts, from top left: 1. Navy bathroom, found on Alexandra Bee Blog (via Pinterest). 2. UNE FEMME Gift Wrap by Khristian A. Howell on Etsy. 3. Peach bathroom, found on ZsaZsaBellagio (via Pinterest). 4. Mercury glass bottles, found on Dot and Bo. and 5. Chevron rug, by Urban Outfitters.

I’m thinking navy walls, a white pedestal sink, and gold and silver accents. I’m up-cycling an old light fixture my dad gave me, using glass globes from an old ceiling fan we just took down, and want to have floating shelves above the commode. I’m planning to use towel hooks instead of racks, since there is such limited wall space, but we’ll see. We found the sink we want at Home Depot, and the medicine cabinet at Lowe’s. I’m hoping to get away with this bathroom makeover for under $500, since it’s mostly cosmetic changes we’re making.

Construction is going to begin at the end of July…wish us luck! As soon as we get the downstairs bath squared away, we can demo and gut the upstairs, which is getting a much bigger remodel than downstairs. I’m going to have several posts about that beast.

Goodness, we need help. Why are we taking this on ourselves?! Maybe after the downstairs is done, we’ll have figured out if we can do the rest ourselves or not. A beta test, if you will. I hope our marriage survives all of this! We might end up needing individual bathrooms, so maybe it’s a good thing, haha.

Follow me on Pinterest for inspiration boards for these two projects, plus many others. I practically live there.


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