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Anniversary Weekend Trip to Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

Russell and I have been married for three years this October. To celebrate, we took a weekend trip to one of our “bucket list” places – Jim Thorpe, PA, a quaint little town in the heart of the Pocono Mountains. It’s about five hours from home, so the whole trip made for a short little weekend getaway.

I believe I first heard about Jim Thorpe way back before we were engaged when I was searching for New Orleans-style railings in Google Images. (I was “writing” a story at the time and was still hardcore into my Twilight phase; oh, creepy love stories, you will always hold a tender place in my heart). The Inn at Jim Thorpe, where we stayed, has one of these such pretty railings. It was close enough to home that I bookmarked the location, and I’m glad we finally had the chance to visit.

The town was hosting one it’s Fall Foliage Weekend Festivals – and although I found the number of vendors a little disappointing – I’m still glad we went. We had to find a few other things to do to occupy our time…like accidentally going on a hike, completely unprepared for the wildness, with improper shoes and only half a bottle of water.

Note to anyone reading thinking about going to this area: don’t try to hike the Glen Onoko Falls trail without being an experienced hiker. The trail is poorly marked and there are literally dozens of other people milling about, from children to seniors, making it look easy. It is not and you could get seriously hurt. Not a single person I saw was prepared to do the hike, and it wasn’t until we were all at the top of the first hill (200+ plus feet of hiking right off the bat) that we realized we were in over our heads. We did the smart thing and turned around; many others did not. I can’t image how they felt the next day, if they made it!

Anywho, the town itself is charming. There are a lot of unique, tiny gift shops selling odds and ends, and a few good restaurants. You can easily walk the whole town in under an hour, so be prepared to take a bike ride, do a ghost tour, or take a hike. I recommend doing a mead tasting at Stonekeep Meadery because it’s a unique thing to do, and definitely take a train ride. It wasn’t until after our hike that we realized the train went through the valley we were trying to get to to take pictures in! Ugh.

I don’t think we’ll be back, because it is such a small place and we feel like we’ve already experienced all it has to offer, but if you’re looking for a nice weekend trip to the Pocono Mountains, I’d recommend stopping.

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