Homemade Georgia Peach Jam

Do y’all remember about two months ago, when Russell and I bought 50 pounds of sweet Georgia peaches from The Peach Truck? We…erhm…severely overestimated our love for the fruit. And we had to do something with all of those peaches…

I made peach pies and took them to parties. We made peach pie filling and froze it by the gallon bagful. I gave away peaches by the dozen. I ate them straight up. But what I really wanted to do was make homemade jam.

Homemade Peach Jam | Life Is Sweet As A Peach

…And jam we made. Everyone, meet your Christmas stocking stuffers.

Russell and I enjoy canning – especially tomatoes from our garden because nothing makes a winter chili taste better than homegrown summer tomatoes. It’s an unexpected delight when it’s freezing outside. But I’ve never canned jam. As it turns out, it’s much harder to can tomatoes because of the whole nasty botulism thing; sugary-sweet jam is less terrifying to make, in my opinion.

I love my Ball Canning Cookbook, but I didn’t want to make jam with pectin as all of the recipes in the cookbook called for. These peaches were too delicious on their own to go adding more than the necessary ingredients. In the process of researching, I found my absolute favorite new food blog: Taste of Southern. If you love good old fashioned comfort food like I do, you must follow Steve.

I followed his step-by-step peach jam recipe to a T and we ended up with the best tasting peach jam I’ve ever had. Go on and check it out. You won’t regret it.

Homemade Peach Jam | Life Is Sweet As A Peach

As for me, I’m going to be eating peach jam until I turn into a peach. Which let’s face it, is my life goal anyways.


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